New Teaser Trailer for DEAD HEAD WOOD

We’ve now completed our first piece of test footage for our new feature DEAD HEAD WOOD. It was great opportunity to road test all the new gear and was a lot of fun. (Except the ticks. I love forests, but blood-sucking-flesh-burrowers not so much.) We had a great local location all ready to go when our AD Ros found a gorgeous bit of ancient forest nearby that was so instantly magical it has now become our main location for the film.

We did an afternoon shoot taking advantage of the sun and based it around a single scene from the feature previz (We have about 1 1/2 hours completed now.) We whizzed through the shot list employing nearly every bit of kit in our arsenal to capture some great footage of our young actors.

And here’s the result: Our new teaser trailer for our up-and-coming INIDGOGO funding pitch! (Coming soon; some great perks for those who want to get involved!)

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